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About Bio-Naturals  suppliers of New Zealand bovine Colostrum  and high potency Anti-oxidants and products

Bio-Naturals™ a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited (NZTM), based in Auckland, New Zealand.
NZTM is a commodities exporter specializing in the exporting of New Zealand dairy products since 2006. The growth in demand for the company’s Colostrumhealth™ range of New Zealand bovine colostrum used by customers as a immune strengthening health supplement, prompted NZTM to extend the range of immune boosting supplements to include high quality anti-oxidants.

Bio-Naturals™ includes Biotivia ® suite of ’ proprietary branded products that address leading health concerns including immunity, stress management, management, anti-aging, enhanced energy, mental cognition and blood glucose support. Bio-Naturals are a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Ltd that was established in April 2006. Our Bio-Naturals division will distribute as well as develop products of the highest quality. We currently also distribute the highest quality Resveratrol supplements available.

Our Colostrumhealth range of products is manufactured from high protein New Zealand Colostrum powder. New Zealand produced bovine Colostrum is world renowned for its high quality
Colostrumhealth sources pure bovine colostrum directly from New Zealand's largest producer. The collection of colostrum is carefully controlled and no freezing of this valuable substance is allowed. Colostrum is collected from cows from the first 4 milking in the first 24hours after calf birth. Sufficient colostrum is left for the calves and only surplus colostrum is harvested. New Zealand Colostrum is never frozen to protect the valuable and vulnerable bio-enzymes. Our Colostrum once a year during natural calving from year round pasture fed cows. The cows are free of artificial hormanes, antibiotics, pesticides as well as BSE (mad cow disease) and Foot & Mouth disease.
Just natural cow colostrum - high in immunoglobulin IgG, lactoferrin and growth factors.
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New Zealand produced bovine Colostrum
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Bio-Naturals is a division of New Zealand Trade Merchants Limited
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